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The new version of the applets used in the present web site are available.

They are bases on a same set of JAVA classes which have been rewritten.

Here are the main improvements :

The set of applets, including piece pictures, needs 80 kb, about the size of a 640x480 picture in JPEG format.

Downloading applets

Applets are stored within a unique file chess.jar you can download in clicking on the this link. Save this file on your computer.

chess.jar is a java archive which contains all classes and pictures the applets need.

To use these applets in your web site, you must :

To implement an applet in an html page, you have to follow the following syntax :

  <applet codebase="path to reach the directory containing chess.jar and the sub-directory chess"
          archive="full_file_name_of_chess.jar" width=500 height=450>
    ... paremetars of the selected applet ...

The parameter codebase is faculattive if the sub-directory chess est stored in the same directory as your HTML pages (a good practice). Moreover all PGN file you want to publich must be obligatorily located within the directory codebase or in a sub-directory, otherwise the applets will not be abel to access them (strong limitation of navigators due to security reasons).

Installing the directory "chess" on your computer is not difficult if you have a java compiler. The following instruction will deflate the archive :

   jar xvf chess.jar

No panic if you don't have any java compiler : I have also prepared a Zip archive (I hope you have at least WinZip, unzip or pkunzip ...) :

Now, take care about capital and small letters because Bill Gates is there, just behind you, in your shadow (Dear Bill, we would be bored without him istn't it ?). Indeed, Windows likes to translate small letters into capital letters and neither Internet, nor Java do not like that. For files "*.class", there is usually no problem because these files do not follow the old DOS syntax (too long suffix) and Windows does not translate them. But for the other files, especially directories and pictures, be careful : they must appear in small letters in the Windows Explorer. Here is the normal organisation of the chess directory :

  chess -> *.class
        -> images -> *.gif

If you see for instance "Chess" instead of "chess" of "Pieces25.gif" instead of "pieces25.gif" then it is time to replace capital letters by small letters !

Available applets

Four applets are presently available :

The two last applets are new and allow you to publish games or studies directly produced by softwares like ChessBase or ChessAssistant. ChessBase offers a similar solution in its version 7 (via a JavaScript program) but the result is quite rigid and not enough interactive.

Playing your own variants

To move a piece you must :

These variants are not taken into account in the game : they are only displayed. This is the reseon why you cannot come back within such a variant (you come back to the initial position).

Moreover, only the queen promotion is understood for the moment.

Additional informations

If you want to get the source files of the applets, then send me a message either to my professional or to my personal address. All suggestions to improve them will be welcome.

If you prefer to make more complete some topics in the present web site, then do not hesitate and send me you commented games or studies in PGN format. I will publish them for you without forgetting to precise the author name.